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I'd add
- ride apps (Uber, Lyft) and an account
- messaging apps (text, Skype, etc)
- Phone numbers in a separate (text) file
- govt info app or accounts (my highway departments twitter, for instance.)
- Link to the "L" schedule or other transportation info ( bus, rail, etc)

And I'm often surprised at how few people carry a charger or small battery.

In my mind, ride apps were included in travel apps, as messaging apps were included in communication apps. In the cities I use mass transit in, they have apps for their schedules and maps.

A very good idea to include links/accounts/handles for important sources of information! Also totally agreed on carrying a small battery pack and a 120V to USB charger. I donít rent cars as often as I used to but I also carry a 12V to USB charger.

Iím not clear what the utility is of having phone numbers in a separate file on the same device, please explain.