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chaosmagnetís First Draft List of Apps to Equip Your Smartphone to Survive:
  • Web browser ó particularly important for gathering information
  • A good weather app ó not essential when one has a working web browser but works a lot better for me
  • Navigation app ó I use one (Waze) for when Iím driving (and when Iím double-checking the route chosen by a cab driver or ride share driver) and another one (MotionX GPS) with offline maps if a data connection is unavailable
  • Communications apps ó low bandwidth data may be available when voice is not, being able to communicate with your friends and family via multiple means can be very useful
  • First aid reference apps
  • Survival/CERT reference apps
  • Reading/games/other distractions apps ó to stave off boredom when battery life isnít an issue
  • Travel apps ó Sometimes in an urban environment rapidly finding and booking a hotel room, getting a ride share pickup, and so on, can make things a lot easier

I'd add
- ride apps (Uber, Lyft) and an account
- messaging apps (text, Skype, etc)
- Phone numbers in a separate (text) file
- govt info app or accounts (my highway departments twitter, for instance.)
- Link to the "L" schedule or other transportation info ( bus, rail, etc)

And I'm often surprised at how few people carry a charger or small battery.