2 weeks ago, my daughter had some health issues and needed some urgent tests. She was referred to some hospital for those tests but we had to wait for weeks. Some connections and few phone calls later, we found another hospital where tests would be done and reports given to us same day.

That hospital was 100 miles away. Although it was my home town but it has maybe tripled in size in the last few decades and I am not familiar with roads and areas except maybe 30% of the city where we visit relatives time to time.

Our other daughter came with us. For one, she is a doctor. plus she is not as technologically challenged as I am. With her GPS, she guided me to the hospital. And thru more connections we got the tests and reports. And drove back same day.

So, the 2 factors that helped us in this emergency were:
# person to person connections
# GPS technology

Although I have a trunk bag in my car for the last 10 years, I rarely needed the fixed knife or poncho. Pocket knife seems to be needed everyday though.

City life dictates that communication is essential. I have a mini-directory (printed on paper) in my car ..etc. It includes electricians, plumbers, former work colleagues ..etc. and it has been very helpful.

My 2