I just cary my normal urban carry and car kit. Avoid partisan paraphenalia ( illegal to display near a polling station anyway.) I've had 5 cars festooned with my presidential pick's bumperstickers almost kill me in the last few days, 6 from other candidates. Thats about par for California road manners, but I take umbrage checking out under the wheels of a hybrid car festooned with FREE TIBET flags. When I attended the Nader rally in Los Angeles during our last election, The Corvair Car Club held an impromptu rally in the parking lot, 12 friends of Jesus were upset about abortion, Gore supporters called me an anti environmentalist and the Hare Krishnas chased me for not donating for a carnation flower. We held normal elections during the Civil War and WW2. I'm not worried about anything my SUREFIRE can't handle ( rapid flashing in the abovegroup's eyes caused a polar reversal in facial ticks <img src="/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />) Don't forget to be polite to your fellow voters and thank the polling officers. Heavy cologne use will mask any disgust with our choices and take heart knowing their terms expire as surely as our FAK meds.

Edited by Chris Kavanaugh (07/14/04 05:30 PM)