The best use of your time and money is different for everyone I suppose. Some like formal training, and some like figuring stuff out on their own. Combine that with buying the best tools and equipment you can afford and you will have the best bang for your buck.

I recently returned from a winter survival course (payed for by the military, not out of my pocket) where I realized I knew as much as the instructor did. After a while, itís the same old, same old. Fire steels and cotton balls with Vaseline and wearing layers and figure 4 traps and blah, blah, blah. Itís been a good long while since I really did any training where something new was presented. As such, Iíve decided (for me personally) paying for formal training is NOT the best value for my time and money. Iíll take whatever course the Army sends me on for free though. grin

I have arrived at a place where I think my knowledge is sound. Now my extra money goes into upgrading my equipment, range memberships and hunting licenses that ensure I gets my butt in the woods putting that equipment and training to use.