A firearm with cleaning tools and ammunition will always be on my list, as will be rain gear, a lightweight pot, a multi tool, and a good belt knife with sharpener (among other things already mentioned)

I would have to pick-up and go in a more remote setting and my gear needs to reflect that. Bugging out still remains an absolute last resort for me though. Most disaster scenarios will have me trying to get to work to deploy with my unit (worst case) or just getting a hotel quickly as I need to temporarily leave my house (fires, floods etc)

I have more of a bug out plan than a dedicated bug out bag these days. That’s largely due to where I live. No earthquakes or tsunamis round these parts.

My “screw around in the woods”/hunting/hiking/kayaking/camping gear is within easy reach and well maintained. It wouldn’t take me long to put something together if I had to.