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I'm just really getting into the whole 'ham' radio idea and I'm looking at APRS or Automatic Packet Reporting System in the next radio. That gives you a good tracking process and can be used beyond just the car if you've got a portable. You can also patch together a fairly good version with your present smartphone or android device and a cheap 2 meter hand held radio.

Just thinking out side (or beyond) the box!

I certainly could have busted out an HT and gotten someone to answer me on our local repeater, who could have vectored help my way with or without APRS. But it's quicker and more certain to use the 911 system when it's available.

The big advantage of APRS, in my opinion, is more for outdoor activities where you're in contact with one or more other hams who aren't in your group. Two or more parties tracking each other that way can make a lot of sense. There are commercial solutions to do that without ham radio but they aren't as flexible and either cost a lot more (satellite transceivers) or have a lot less range (FRS/GMRS handhelds with GPS).