*THREAD DRIFT* I know what a SARC is, Thankyou. I advocate for medics, PJ's, 18-D's and SARC's, because there is no civilian analog, especially SARCS, for what you've been doing, including MD, to (if they want) be licensed to practice CONUS/OCONUS, basically unlimited, being able to treat based on patient needs/condition. Yous are a resource we cannot afford to waste. Once the licensure happens, make the education and license/practice available to us. Sign me up!

Electric windows typically don't work with wet circuits, so too electrical door locks. With training/"experience", keep the seat belt on until the vehicle "settles", roll down windows, unlock doors, ASAP, manage air bags if deployed, exit vehicle. The same mechanisms that disable vehicles when the attempt too deep a puddle, apply in submersions. Manual windows and locks, in this scenario, is a good thing