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Center punches (aka window punches) General Tools makes a punch that you just put on the window and push, it has adjustable tension/force, and at some point, it trips and breaks the window. Steel construction, with replaceable tips, kept well greased, but it is smaller and not gross motor compliant. Snap On and Rescue Tool Man, both make spring punches, hold the hardened point against the glass, pull back the spring, and release, breaking the glass, I've used both, and they work as advertised, but neither is a hammer. Just an aside, none of the above, save for maybe the hammer, work for the windshield, or for vehicles with Lexan (plastic) side and rear windows.

centerpunches sold as tools to punch a dimple in metal, for you to start drilling are poor choice. No mount, too small/needs bigger handle (shaky adrenaline hands!), poorly visible.

Important note; centre punches and rescue hammer do not work on laminated glass. If i remember correctly pretty much all north american cars from 2017 or later have laminated side windows (and all cars have laminated windscreens).