Minimalism in general is good:

- To be able to use something; you have to have it with you. The smaller and lighter, the more likely to have it with you.

- Things should not be a burden; shouldn't weight too much, shouldn't be too bulky, shouldn't be costly to the point it affects other things.

The main thing is that what people want there BOB to do and what most people actually do.

Do you want to sleep comfortably with just the gear on your back? A bivy can be fine, slept in one on mountains without issues. Just don't expect much comfort and even with a tarp above it; it's not a nice place when it rains/storms. Price wise; it's not shocking for a bivy for repeated use. Mind you with 2 person tents now able to get below 2 pounds; the weight/bulk advantage of a bivy isn't always there and a tent does provide better shelter.

But the question is; are you going to actually use it? The main things people go to are friends/family, hotel/motel/AirBnB or dare I say it a shelter. Sleeping in the wilderness as a primary emergency option is way overrated.

In my opinion, the sleeping system om your back is the last resort option, not the primary. So make choice for price/weight/bulk.