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My only question is who will do the heat-treatment on the blade?

The Knifeworks page tells us the knife is manufactured by Hogue in the USA. Also “The blade is cryogenically processed to achieve a hardness of HRC 61-62 for an optimum blend of edge-holding and toughness.”

I also found this at bladereviews.com: “In 2009, Hogue began their collaboration with custom maker Allen Elishewitz. Allen provides the designs and apparently also oversees at least some part of the manufacture of the knives. Whatever they are doing, it’s being done right because in the short time span Hogue has been making knives they have already earned recognition for their extreme attention to detail and high level fit and finish. No other knife company ships a knife with a polished edge like the kind found on every Hogue blade – many sold for well under $200!”