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Correction. It's a story that begins with the March 19, 1994 entry of my friend's journal to an E-mail Aiesha sent to me on August 11, 2009.

I'm not sure why my story (told through a journal, E-mail, drawings and a letter) does not go beyond August 11, 2009; there it is. Perhaps there is a record, somewhere, that picks up where Aiesha's E-mail ends.

As I scanned all the e-mail threads I have in my inbox (there is a lot) I found an e-mail conversation from April 12, 2012, that helps to tie up a loose end. Nevertheless, I now have a nearly three-year gap from the previous e-mail, sent on August 11, 2009, to April 12, 2012.

I'm still looking for records, in any form, that tells my story.

I was able to more trimming by removing stuff that is more confusing than helpful.

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