For some people that I have encountered over the years, firearms are a security blanket, protecting them (they think) against the nameless hazards of the wilderness which possibly could include bears and the like. Sometimes the discussion turns political, invoking the second Amendment, etc.

In reality, and this isn't news to most of us on this forum, you are better served in the great outdoors with sufficient water and a good FAK, and all the rest of the fourteen or so Ten Essentials.

But weapons do have their place. I can recall two SAR operations where we were rescuing individuals who were promptly arrested for criminal conduct. At least one of these persons was armed with a concealed handgun. in a third situation, we were helping a person who pretty obviously had mental issues - he suddenly became very agitated by a light burning in the distance and threatened to shoot it out, drawing his rifle from within his pack. In all three of these cases, the actions of an equipped and properly trained deputy(ies) kept the scenes under control.
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