There is something that is probably not a very good use of funds:

A mere 200+ dollars for a fairly small hatchet. They also offer an even smaller version for the bargain price of $188. I am really puzzled; I have used Estwing hatchets for years. The handle and head are one solid piece of steel and it is an effective cutting and pounding tool, albeit a tad heavy for routine backpacking. Cost is around $25-30 depending on the outlet and the specific model.

The same outfit offers a downsized Pulaski for 135 dollars, while my local big box store features a very sturdy model, full size, for about 35 dollars. Pulaskis are wonderful tools (combination grubbing tool and ax) which I first encountered years ago as a hot shot responding to forest fires. We handled everything with a Pulaski and a shovel. I have one now and they are as useful as ever. But $135 is outrageous.
Geezer in Chief