In my initial post I mentioned the first aid training but rushed what I wrote and was not clear in that I was thinking of that as an example. I'm also working on additional amateur radio training/gear for improving communications which is another example on my 'seek knowledge' concept of best use.

In my personal situation I really think the eat right, exercise and be healthy thing is very important as I've hit the mid 60s and just cant' do what I did twenty years ago. However going to the Doctor, not being stupid about diet and such are excellent points and what I'm also working on. Knee surgery and the wear and tear of the years has me now more limited. So, thinking again about "best" - it is obviously situational and unique to an individual.

I'm lucky in being able to also leverage some elements of my job into development opportunities which I take advantage of - picking up a 'defensive tactics' class, OC/Chemical agents use, etc. which is ongoing and will be there for the next couple of years (until that wonderful retirement point). So a key take-away for me is still "knowledge" - get the training, practice it, use it and keep learning. A professional trainer colleague has a sign which says I'll quit learning when I'm dead - maybe. That sign fits my philosophy.

Paul -