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SOCAL With the exception of taking an extra layer of clothing and foregoing shorts, the change in seasons is a minor issue.

Vs what we do in Canada... tire changeover, vehicle winter prep, review the winter car kit for completeness that could fill some people's trunks! But I guess it doesn't differ that much in concept from a hurricane prone area.

We just had our Thanksgiving holiday so everybody is in prep mood for the winter.

I've got my tire changeover booked along with my oil change and other fluid top ups. Check pressure in the spare tire.
Temps are hovering around the 0C mark and will only go lower so I need to store extra clothing in the vehicle. Bottled water doesn't freeze until temps are consistently at -10C but even then I keep water bottles in the vehicle most of the winter.
My vehicle kit needs to be rechecked; shovel, kitty litter to be added and traction aide needs to be purchased. Battery to be checked and top-up charge as required. Jump starter pack is charged up. My BOB is to be updated for seasonal requirements.

The sprinklers lines were turned off and blown out in September. House thermostat adjusted for the heating season. Building vents cleared. I haven't decided if I want to seal the windows this year with thermal plastic or not - it should help with the air infiltration.