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I'm willing to bet dollars to donuts Mom will pack her grandmother's Bible.

It's a prayer book, not a Bible. Anyhow, I was surprised when she said she would not bring it with her (unless there is space available) when I brought up this subject. Her reasoning is history does not matter when you are in survival mode.

We would permanently leave our home and go to our bug out location; I would not go so far to say we would be in survival mode.

Hikermor said the most important thing is our DNA. I agree; our history has to be a close second.

Am I the only one who places great importance on preserving history? I know that when we permanently vacate, we can't bring an entire library with us. We have to prioritize. I can't do that for anyone except myself. I hope what I bring not only encompasses my history but some history of others as well.

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