According to news bulletins, "mandatory evacuations" have been ordered for low lying coastal regions. "Mandatory evacuation" is an interesting term; at least in CA, it merely means that you should leave and that responders are not necessarily under any obligation to undertake rescue. You will not be hassled or charged if you remain in your residence. You are basically on your own.

I was in a mandatory evac zone last year and we got out promptly; for one very good reason,it makes first responders work much simpler. They don't have the death wails of screaming victims distracting them from the work at hand.

Not sure how this works in other jurisdictions but it seems to work reasonably well in CA. Looky-loos and those wandering around do get hassled and charged, if they are up to no good.

What are the ground rules on the East Coast?
Geezer in Chief