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If you evacuate and can't go back for some time, one of the primary things you are going to need is documentation. Go to the Listening to Katrina website for lots of good information about Documentation.

All of this will fit on a USB drive. This is part of my EDC. You can also encrypt it and store it on the cloud.

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Photos can be digitized, if they are not already, and placed in a USB drive. What if the USB drive is taken out by an EMP, damaged in some other way or I have limited computer access? I can't put all of my eggs in one basket.

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I've read that before. I didn't think it was all that helpful. I'll reread it just in case I find something valuable the second time around.

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I'm rereading it. It's good to refresh because one of the things he drives home is getting a laptop. A laptop is something I'm considering; I can't afford to buy one at this time. I believe I will in two years.

Beyond what I've stated, there is something about a tangible item that can't be quantified.

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