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Different kits for different circumstances. ...

The kit I carry and modified is for owwies up to short of serious trauma. This is the FAK I carry on my casual neighborhood walks, all within good cell coverage and I walk right by a fire station (around here every fireman has an EMT cert), so carrying more would only serve to weigh me down.

The truck kit OTOH has two SAM splints, two tourniquets, boxes of 4x4 ... et al.

My bicycle kit has been either an AMK Trauma kit or a slightly modified AMK Weekender — depending. As of now it also has a SWAT-T.
Comment: All the talk of tourniquets in this thread — as soon as I typed “bicycle” I knew where the SWAT-T I bought at REI would go. A friend of mine died while commuting home by bike. He was well lit up and in a bike lane, but it was night and with all the other ambient lights, the driver of a car did not see him and he bled out right there. (Did someone say texting or talking on his cellphone while driving at night? What could go wrong???)