I was going through the contents one of my commercial FAK’s and just out of curiosity decided to look closer at the meds. Look at the tablet labeled “antihistamine” — What is it? Mine was generic “Diphenhydramine Hydrochloride”. What are the side-effects? Do you feel comfortable taking these or giving them to someone else?

I have self-medicated (OTC drugs) in the past and it wasn’t always a good thing. I rarely medicate at all these days; I choose mild pain over pain-relief drugs. Relief from pain is over-rated, mild pain might keep you from doing something stupid. I love that TV commercial where the guy takes pain meds so he can keep playing basketball on a knee that maybe shouldn’t be on the B-ball court. wink

So I’m making room in what I consider to be a minimal kit and removing the pain meds and I may remove the antihistamine’s too.

Comments? Am I selling the usefulness of these drugs short?