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I ordered the Bear Claw Glove Kit to replace the standard issued nitril gloves.


I have ideas for additional upgrades such as getting a Bolin Chest Seal, wound seal, two nasopharyngeal airways with lube (28 Fr), 4" x 16" burn dressing, activated charcoal, Tactical Combat Casualty Reference Card, two Tactical Combat Casualty Care Cards, permanent marker and replacing the SWAT Tourniquet with a C-A-T.

I received the Bear Claws. Before I switched out the gloves, I sacrificed a pair by trying it out. I ordered the size I normally wear and according to the label, that is what I received; when I tried on a pair, they were a tag snug. I don't have big hands. I don't know what happened.

They are thicker than even other quality gloves I use. In spite of the tight squeeze, I could still get them on my hands. I don't know if that will be a problem. I replaced the eight gloves in my kit with four glove kits.

I have a clearer direction on how I want to further modify this kit. I'll order the supplies later.

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