In a long-term situation, medical tape is essential. I never needed CoFlex in the past; I did stretch gauze. I replaced the CoFlex with 3" stretch gauze. Now I have room for another roll of tape.

The kit comes with excellent bleeding control items. Why do I need six 5" x 9" trauma pads? Isn't two enough? Petroleum gauze is excellent for long-term care situations; other than as an improvised chest seal, does it belong in emergency medicine? Non-adherent dressings come in handy in first aid. I put two in the kit.

Dentemp is not huge; the awkwardly shaped packaging makes it hard to fit. I moved it to the front.

I want to get activated charcoal. I looked at two potential spots. I don't know if it will fit; I'll give it a try.

Jeanette Isabelle
“Trust me, this is not gonna end well!” — Pleakley, Lilo & Stitch