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There are a lot of TQs available on Amazon. Is the TQ at: CAT Combat Application Tourniquet - GEN 7 (Gray Time-stamp) , recommended?

What brand name is recommended?

I don't have experience with any tourniquet, though I own a few SWAT Tourniquets. I hear more good things about the C-A-T from trusted sources, even on this forum. Another tourniquet that has received almost as many rave reviews is the SOFTT-W.


I heard arguments for both as to which is better. I've seen videos to back it up; you can apply the C-A-T a split second faster. The SOFTT-W, because of its materials, is less likely to be damaged; I never heard of a C-A-T breaking.

I would make the case it comes down to what environment are you using the tourniquet. If you are in the Battle of Armageddon (where everything that can go wrong will go wrong), give the SOFTT-W a serious consideration. For my situation, I think the C-A-T would be best.

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