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It sounds like you are one of the better preppers we have here on ETS.

Thank you. I strive to work out problems I foresee.

If you look at my profile, you will see I am disabled. Even volunteer work would be a challenge. Let me explain. In 2005, Timberlawn diagnosed me as having Generalized Anxiety Disorder. It is especially difficult for me to ride in a car. I'm fine on buses and trains [That's one of the reasons I love Dallas. I could get around]. I do okay on the backroads; anything more than a couple of blocks on the main road, I would need 1 MG of Lorazepam before the trip. Due to the nature of the medication, I must use it sparingly. It is for that reason I limit my travel and have most things delivered.

If anyone is wondering how I can bug out under these conditions, I can be in a car all day if I take 1 MG of Lorazepam, 2 MG if I have to be in mid-air in an overcrowded plane. Again, I have to be careful. Lorazepam is not the type of medication that I can take more several days in a row. Otherwise, it will not be as effective.

Anyhow, for the time being, I don't see how I can get the I.V. training or supplies as much as I would love that. I try to focus on everything else I can do even if there is only a slight chance it would come in handy. I also considered getting a suture/syringe kit, that Westerners bring with them when traveling to third-world nations, on the off chance I run into someone who knows the procedure but lacks the sterile equipment.

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