30 plus as a field medic. I've said before... I've NEVER in ll that time used or have properly seen used a tourniquet. The NPA (NasoPharyngeal Airway) I have repeatedly used. If you are using the OPA (OroPharyngeal Airway) in a situation as bad as bugging out....well my thoughts are these...if you KNOW you are going to be getting 'definitive' care SOON then the OPA is a good short term airway. We only really use them in cardiac arrests and even that is seldom used any more for the preference of the LMA (Laryngeal Mask Airway). You NEED definitive care. If you are in a 'bug out' situation then the LMA and OPA is really a 'last ditch' before pronouncing. Both of them also have a 'bad' 'side effect'....they can stimulate the gag reflex (in non dead patients).

The NPA is good and tolerated well (relatively) in conscious patients. Again though...if I NEED an adjunct to help maintain an airway......the patient NEEDS definitive care....not me.

LMAs are considered a basic airway for my department though American Heart considers them as advanced.