I would find space for a stethoscope and BP cuff - it is a really good idea to diagnose before treatment and a careful patient survey, right at the start, is crucial. Often an obvious traumatic injury directs attention away from a more serious, but less obvious, problem (bloody arm fracture vs. potential spinal/cervical FX).

Some sort of notebook, writing instrument to record symptoms, times, and progression. This will be much appreciated as you hand off the victim for further care. OTOH, this happens so rarely, they may not know how to deal with it.

So much is situational. you would want different meds if dealing with high altitude problems, but that is probably not an issue in Florida.

You can never have too many sterile pads or kling wrap....

I don't see anything for CPR - a face mask for that purpose is not absolutely critical, but it is quite useful.
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