I will begin this reply with an admission, I overpack. I also live very urban , but occasionally drive 50-100 miles in my professional life, to city, surburban and even semi rural locations. I can be working late and in all weather conditions.

In my car (a mid-size SUV, , nice interior but nothing fancy) is a 72 hour bag,ensolite pad, sleeping bag , bivvy bag & walking stick. That’s to keep me alive if I have to walk away, e.g. a Manhattan 9/11 scenario or sleep in the car or rest stop building in a blizzard or other all night road emergency. This bag has a really good pump water purifier that would clean up even urban street puddle water. Lifeboat rations, water bottles, hurricane matches, lighter, tinder, headlamp, compass, first aid kit, extra daily meds, , cash, 550 cord , HD foil blanket, Gorilla tape flat roll, small am-fm radio, silcock key, leather gloves, multi tool, N-95 masks, goggles, trioxane fold-up stove, aluminum qt. pot, etc. are also packed. ( No helmet that I remember. Maybe I should get a plastic construction helmet or throw in my bike helmet)

There are also emergency clothing changes, including boots and hiking gear, blue blazer ,shirt, pants, tie, duffle coat and toiletries/ towel. Usually a shrink wrap with 8 20oz. water bottles is also packed.

There’s also an oversized Trauma kit, in an orange plastic box, because I used to be an EMT on a busy ambulance squad and multilpe casualty scenarios are, unfortunately, a fact of life.

The usual small toolkit, jumper cables, fire extinguisher, reflective triangles, inverter, tire inflator-sealant cans, short handled shovel, heavy plastic bottle of sand, flares, tow strap, etc. are also present. A 4 cell Maglite with LED insert and extra batteries, glasses ( sun & regular), waterproof pad&pen, accident report form, paper area maps, ResQme, folding umbrella,, phone charging cord, old flip cell phone ( without a service , but it will dial 911), snacks and 4 20oz water bottles, are up front.

Finally there is my real just in case gear: lightweight hydrant wrench, camp axe, 24” bolt cutter, 24” crowbar, hacksaw with multipurpose rod blades, 100’ of HD rope, 8’ green tarp, gas mask and filter. Even I see this as overkill.

Am I overstocked- packed? Probably. But, what the heck . None of it is dangerous or illegal and you never can tell....

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