I'm struggling with my first aid kit. I recently have been re-working my kits and I've decided to try to move from a two tier setup (EDC + backpack) to a three tier setup (EDC + Maxpedition Fatboy + backpack) where the idea is the Fatboy would fit in the backpack. In this plan, the EDC has the most critical stuff, the Fatboy the next most critical and then the backpack has more stuff (actually I was thinking about a forth tier, but I'm getting way off topic).

In any case, my original idea was to have sort of a level 1 and level 2 first aid kits, one in the Fatboy and the other in the backpack. I wanted to use a small waterproof case for these kits. After a bit of playing around, this plan just didn't seem to work out. I picked a couple of different Pelican micro cases, but they are pretty heavy, and.I just couldn't find a happy medium.

So, I decided to go to a single kit, more than I was originally planning for the Fatboy, but smaller than the agreagate of the level 1 + level 2 kits. The plan is to carry this in the Fatboy and the plan is to have it with me nearly always.

Ok, let's get to the point, eh? Well, I finally decided to go with the Pelican 1040 micro case. Basically is was the largest I could reasonably see myself carrying most of the time. But here is the rub. I carefully picked the contents of the kit, but I could barely get them to fit in the 1040.. and... I had to keep paring things down to fit at all. I'd really prefer more stuff, but I also can't see going larger.

As it stands, it is kind of a pain when you open the case, you have to watch out so things don't spill out and you have to fuss with it a bit to get it closed back up.

So what is going on? Am I just a lousy packer? Am I taking too much stuff? What am I doing wrong?



First Aid Kit

1 Pelican 1040 Micro Case
1 Small Scissors
1 .5 oz bottle Betadine
2 Excedrin 2 tablet pack
2 Tylenol 2 tablet pack
1 roll waterproof tape
1 10ml syringe
1 sml roll Tums
2 tablet Claritin
1 .5 oz bottle Hypo Tears
1 roll cotton gauze in plastic
1 digital thermometer
3 sucrets tablets
2 tablet Sudafed
2 tablet Benadryl Allergy
1 razor blade
2 .9g Neosporin Pack
4 large bandaids
4 butterfly closures
2 small, round bandaids
4 small bandaids
1 pair latex exam gloves
2 sterile packs, Steri-Strips (R1546)
1 small pair pointed tweezers
3 packs 3"x4" triple layer non-stick pads
1 pack 2nd Skin burn pad

Oh, and how do people carry those darn exam gloves? They don't fold worth a darn and they take up too much room! I always have a finger flopping out and threatining to get closed in the lid. I've been looking for pairs in sealed packs, but I haven't come across them and I suspect they would take up too much room anyway. Hmm.