I'd about half my collection now is CS. Not all their knives are thick brutes. The Pendleton hunter light and the Finn line are comparable to Mora standards. The tang on the SRK isn't going to fail except in the most extreme cases. If you can manage to break one at the 90 degree cut point, then it was deliberate, or you were using it for rock climbing or some such. But they aren't as strong as a tang that completely fills the height and length of a handle. That's why I use Busse knives for the really harsh stuff. Costs more, but you won't find anything tougher. I have a handful of other blades, specialty or because they caught my fancy. Some are safe queens because there's no chance I'd ever replace them if lost or broken. But they are there if I need them. One in particular is a boot knife with a 4" blade that folds into a push dagger. My precious.
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