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I don't know that I would ditch the cyalumes so quickly. They are cheap and they have a decent shelf life. (even the cheap .98 cent party versions at Walmart.) They give usable light for 8 to 12 hours and more importantly, they don't have small parts which can get dropped or lost easily.

For the investment, they are a good backup.

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But can be accidentally be activated, takes relatively a lot of space and generate a not so useful light.

Sorry for the delay in getting back to defend my idea. While you have a good point, I find that a .99 cent toothbrush case is the perfect vehicle to store them in. It seems to protect them well, and does not add significant weight. I usually carry 3 or 4 in a midsized kit without problem.

Given their ability to put out light for a good 8 hours and longer, coupled with the idea that swinging one around on a string is a great attractor beacon, I would submit they are certainly worthy of consideration.