It occurs to me that music is a big part of most people's everyday lives. And when there is a big disruption, big stress, music tends to settle me (and many others) down -- there's a thread of normalcy that helps tie things back together.

I just saw a little hint of that, and it reminded me again to post the idea. When I sit down at the end of the day and noodle around on my old six-string, my hounds just settle into their beds and close their eyes. They are content; they do this every time; they know this means everything is okay.

Does that translate to humans? There isn't much that's more effective at drawing disparate groups together like music around a fire. I can see the value in a stressful time. Kids at least will respond well.

If nothing else, the original instrument is, of course, voice. In my younger backpacking years, wheezing out a stirring ballad on a tough ascent seemed to give me that extra psychological "oomph" to persevere and keep going.

So, thoughts? Experiences?

Anybody play an instrument around here? Would it be worth taking in a bug-out or pulling out when bugging in?

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