Excellent read. Traversing glaciers on horseback, Sawing planks to build a boat to float a whitewater river, walking 30 miles a day as winter sets in Alaska after losing their gear on the boat.
"Eric Collier's riveting recollections about the 26 years that he, his wife Lillian and son Veasy spent homesteading in the isolated Chilcotin wilderness made for an international bestseller and one of the most famous books ever written about British Columbia.
"This reprint of an actual early-nineteenth-century diary provides today's readers with a delightful rarity. Eric Sloane has taken a fifteen-year-old farm boy's brief, concise notebook and expanded the daily entries with explanatory narrative and his own remarkable drawings. As a result, he has preserved the simplicity and charm of a bygone era."
Dry but information you won't find elsewhere
"This book was published in 1958. It contains 12 chapters, one for each month of the year, starting with January and ending with December. In each chapter the authors explain what "happens" in the Arctic during that month: what happens to the winds, waves, water, ice, the plants, the animals, and so on. Maps and line drawings accompany each chapter. I found the book very informative for what the Arctic year was like 50 years ago. With global warming, I'm not sure this book would be accurate today. Still, it's very worth reading or consulting."