This actually depends on so much - the distance the terrain safety how much snow the temperature your level of preparedness your other options.

A few years back I walked 7 miles home in pleasant but steady snow through the suburbs of Seattle. Temps were an ideal 30 F, I had boots and warm clothing. It was mostly level terrain as I cut around and between glacial tarns and hills; I cut through neighborhoods where I was the only person out and about, and got home in just over 2.5 hours. There was perhaps 5inches on the ground when I got home. I had not broken much of a sweat but my feet were tired.

A couple days later when the snow had melted I caught a ride in to work and found my car where I had left it in the lot.

I could have slept in my office or stopped at friends' houses along the way, but the situation didn't require that. That was about as unfriendly as the PNW gets, in snow - unfriendly to cars and auto travel routes but not to those willing to strike out on foot. All in all it made for a pleasant night. My one regret was no open pubs en route.