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Warning ...
Be careful, I normally have bought Coglan's Glass Signal Mirror, which is a decent mirror for use with my Survival Classes. Recently I found a number of examples from Coglan's where they have replaced the Glass Mirror with a Plastic Mirror and kept the packaging and the price the same ...

That's disturbing - I just checked the Coghlan's website for the Coghlan's #9902 - 2"x3" Signal Mirror, and not only does the web site listing specify glass, but the packaging (if you click on the photo at the site) says glass ("Highly Reflective 1/4" laminated glass mirror) - if they are giving you anything else, you should be able to insist they exchange it for the product you ordered (or get your money back).

I suppose there is some possibility of confusion with their similar 2"x3" product #0905 Sight-Grid Signal Mirror, a plastic-cased floatable mirror, but the packaging for that is quite different.

Please let us know what you find out - if they aren't making the glass ones anymore, that's a big problem. I'd only use a plastic signal mirror in an (don't laugh) emergency. [ To be fair: my EDC signal mirror is a plastic Rescue Flash, but I live in the city. The one in my glovebox is glass, as is the one I carry in the wilderness.] The Coghlan's contact info (phone number and email) is on their web site.

I could dig up any number of quotes from survival instructors in favor of glass signal mirrors if lobbying Coghlan's is called for.

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... Coglan's Glass Signal Mirror, which is a decent mirror ...

Especially since, shortly before his untimely death, the designer (Wayne Tegeler of Vector I) updated the design to make it watertight, unlike the older design. (The newer design can be distinguished visibly by the lack of a metal eyelet in the lanyard hole.) I had a co-worker take a few down on several ocean dives, and while one got a corrosion spot next to the lanyard hole, the others came out okay.

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A signal mirror should be backup for a 24 hr, all-weather radio distress signal, such as a 406 MHz PLB (ACR PLB)