I have been doing several of the short hikes around the Phoenix area over the past few years. My hiking partner and I are planning on some longer point-to-point hikes through the Superstition Mountains, still single day hikes, but longer, sunrise-sunset type hikes. I have good topo maps of the area we will be hiking and a good compass. I am planning some longer overnight hikes for this fall after the weather cools back down. I have a bit of extra cash that Uncle Sam decided to let me keep, so I was pondering getting either a plb or a GPS. The PLB would be one of the ACR ResQLink and GPS would probably be a Garmen.

My pack currently contains: maps, compass, fire steel, rei matches, lighter, tinder, hydration bladder (3L), Ritter PSK, heat sheet, bivy sack, first aid kit, blister kit, some emergency bars, 10' rope, 50' para cord, headlamp, flashlight, poncho, fleece jacket, sun screen, extra socks, EESE 4 knife, leatherman, whistle, and spare batteries. I also carry my iPhone and a camera.

For this hike, I'll be bringing 4-6 liters of water (12 miles with no water sources) plus the usual trail food. I'd appreciate any comments or suggestions.