Here in the Middle East, we used to have some traditional games that require no more than what you can find around you.

One such game is made by drawing three (concentric ???) squares ( one inside the other). Draw four perpendicular lines that each divide square sides into half.

Now, each one of you 2 players holds 3 pieces of anything ( 3 stones, 3 coins, 3 bottle caps, you get the idea). The goal of the game is to get your 3 pieces in a straight line while preventing the other from doing so.

Pieces can be only positioned on intersections points. You can move the piece one position at a time ( from one intersection to another) then it's the other player's turn.

You try to move your bits until they are in one straight line, while at the same time you watch the other player and everything you can to block his intended moves.

This game is very simple.
We can draw it on a wooden board, or even on the soil. You can find any 3 bits of gravel for you and maybe 3 seeds for the other player.

You can look at it as a super-simlified form of chess.