E.W.P. -COOL, - ( There are Only Four of These.)

NEW ZEALAND - Ah!, -This Crisp, Clean, Clear, Mountainous, Forested, COOL, World Wild Place!, and Great Outdoors Location! One of my More Top Ranking Favorites! Talk About Places that you'd just Like to Go Off and Relax to! Or as a Place to be Left Alone in Peace! Minding your Own Business, and Neither Bothering, Nor being Bothered, by Anyone! Just in it's Cool, Forested Outdoors and Grassy Meadows! The Mountains, Trees, Clouds, and Sky!, -Being the Only Things that Tower Over you! This and More is New Zealand! New Zealand is It!

These Two Large Islands!, North Island and South Island. Deep in the Cool, Temperate, Mid Oceanic Region of the South Pacific and the Southern Hemisphere. Off in a Far, Isolated, and Very Obscure Corner of the World! Far from the Maddening Crowd!

It has Only Australia for a Neighbor, -Itself Quite Wild, Obscure, and Isolated!, 1,000 or More Miles to the West. And the even More Isolated, Obscure, and Scattered South Pacific Islands of Polynesia. (Though Some of Those are Well on the Tourist Map, Nonetheless)

This is our First COOL World Wild Place! Too Far South and Poleward (The South or Antarctic One!) to be Pacific Tropical, It's also yet Too Far North toward the Polynesian Pacific Tropics, to be within the Scope of COLD. It Comes in Neatly and Nicely, Right Down the Middle!, -as COOL ! New Zealand is the World's Foremost Purely Wild COOL Place! New Zealand is COOL !, in Both Commonly Understood Senses of the Word!

Much Cool Continental Temperate Areas also Occur, on the Continents. Canada, Much of the United States, Japan, Korea, Europe, Much of Rusha, Northeastern China, -but these are typically Far Too Populated and Developed!, to be considered Wild! At One Time, Magnificently Yes!, Today, -No! This is Not to say that there Isn't Much Great Outdoors Wilds left within them! For There Indeed Are! But it is to say, that they're All Round Developed to the Point, of No Longer being All Round Wild! So Such Vast, Cool Continental Temperate Areas of our World, -Shall Not be Discussed here as Wild Places. Beyond this Honorable Mention, They will Not.

New Zealand Shares it's Spandiferous COOL World Wild Placeing, with Three Other Sizeable, Fellow World Island, Locations. Namely Australia's Tasmania, Japan's Northern Island of Hokkaido, and the Island Nation of Ireland. These Cool Islands are all Quite Sizeable! They're Not among the World's Many Small Ones, though also Not among the Largest. They are Not Madagascars, Greenlands, or Borneos! They All Come In somewhere Midway, between being considered "Islandational" and Continental. These Four are essentially It!, for the World's Great Wild Places, COOL ! New Zealand is First Up at Bat, here!

New Zealand has Forests, Mountains, Streams, Rivers, Rapids, Glaciers, Lakes, Fish, Game, Kiwi Birds and Fruit, Hiking Trails, Sheep and Sheepherding, Maori, Fiords, Volcanos, Hot Springs, Grass and Greenery, and Clear Clean Fresh Waters in Abundance! They Pervade it's Coolness!, and It's Coolness Pervades Them!

New Zealand, Being Long so Geographically Isolated as It is!, -Has Developed Many Unique Plant and Animal Life Forms, All it's Own! Found Nowhere Else! Their Flightless Kiwi Bird being just One. Along with the Likes of Madagascar and Other such Noteworthy World Places, -New Zealand is Such a Place! Right Up There so!

New Zealand is Definitely Volcanic!, It Sits Right Atop it's Portion of the Great Pacific Ring of Fire! This Means it's Earthquake Prone as well! But it's Not as Volcanic, as some Other Actively Volcanic Areas of the World!

( VOLCANOS Themself will be Treated as a Great Wild Area of the World in it's Own Right, Later under MOUNTAINS. More than just a Type of Disaster Alone, They of course also actually Qualify as One of our Earth's Great Wild Places! And as such will be Worthy of Inclusion and Mention there. Avalanches and Earthquakes for example Cannot be so Qualified. By their Very Nature. But Volcanos Can, and here Will.)

It's one of the Many Volcanic Areas of the World, Coming Complete with Both the Promise and Perils!, that Go with the Volcanic Territory. Live in the Proximity and Shadow of Volcanos as the Kiwi New Zealanders Do!, and you Get Volcanic Benefits such as Very Good Soil! But you also Take the Risk! You Live at the Volcano's Pleasure!, It Does Not Live at the Pleasure of you! You are a Guest on It's Turf!, Not Vice Versa! This in Fact is How New Zealand was Formed!, to Begin With! No Volcanos!, -No New Zealand!

New Zealand's Pride and Highest Peak, Mt Cook, is a Volcano. As Mt. Fuji is to Japan, Mt Cook is to New Zealand! It is just as Emblematic. At 3,050 Meters ASL, I'd estimate that to be at about some 9,500 Feet.

Volcanic and Earthquake Preparedness, Awareness, Safety, and Survival, are certainly High Ranking Aspects of the New Zealand Survival Scene! As also are Tsunami Matters! Including those that Originate from Far Trans Pacific Elsewhere!

Also, as in Iceland, Yellowstone, the Kuriles, and Elsewhere, Much Geothermal Hot Spring Activity takes place here in New Zealand, as well ! New Zealand is very Well Known for this.

New Zealand also just Happens to be, a Friendly, Fellow English Speaking Culture and Country! And though Country and Wild, also a Developed, Peaceful, Stable, First World Country too! You're Among Plenty of Friendly, Decent, Down to Earth, Country Folk! Intimate With and Knowledgeable Of, Their Great New Zealand Outdoors!, to the Core! They've Carried Over with them, Much of that Great British, Welsh, Scotch, and Irish Heritage as Well! As Well as of course the Contribution of Many Other Immigrants! -All New Zealand Oriented and "Lured"!

But there's Rather Few of Them! Only some 3 and a Half Million People!, in a Large, 154,454 Square Miled Area! -About the Size of California. It is Widely Said that there are Far More Sheep than People there!, some 50 Milliion, in Fact! Even Other Livestock Outranks People by a Factor of Several! You've got a Great, Sparsely Settled, Outdoor Area! And Many of Them are in the Neat, Clean Urban Areas of Wellington, Auckland, and Christchurch, among Smaller Others. 85 %, in Fact! And What People there are, are Progressive, Educated, Sensible, and Friendly! You've Got a Friend!, in New Zealand! Both Australia and it's Aussies, and New Zealand and it's "Kiwis", are Great South Asian and Pacific Friends!, in this Quiet Corner of the World! Both in Freedom, and More Personally and Culturally. A Fellow Euro-Caucasian or Not, the Survivor too, has a Friend!, in the Typical New Zealander!

New Zealand is also a Main Gateway to the Antarctic! Christchurch on the Eastern Coast of South Island, is the Center for This. From Here, the Antarctic Coast is Only some 1,500 Miles Off! Thats Not as Close as Chile's and Argentina's Tierra Del Fuego. Or their Ushuaia and Puntas Arenas Antarctic Centers. But it's Still Right Up there with them! New Zealand is a Prime Player, in International Antarctic Activity. And Christchurch is it's Link, to that Great White Continental Ice Plateau, to it's South!

New Zealand also has a Respectable Amount of the Isolated World Islands, in it's Vicinity. The Chathams, the Antipodes, and the Kermadecs, to name some.

The Antpodes are Almost Directly on the Opposite Side of the World!, than London. Hence their Name.

My Own World Antipodal Point, is about 800 Miles Southwest of Perth, Australia, in the Indian Ocean!

Where's Your's?! If you were to Draw a Line Straight Thru the Center of the Earth, or Poke a Needle in the Same Way thru your Globe!, -Where on the *Other Side*!, Would It Come Out!? A Very Interesting Curiosity!

This is What's of particular Note, about New Zealand's Isolated Antipodes, World Islands.

Aside from that, Other Discussion concerning New Zealand's portion of the Isolated World Islands, Shall Come Under the Same Name, -ISOLATED WORLD ISLANDS, at a Later Point.

Many of These New Zealand Outliers are somewhat Closer to Antarctica. They are All Small, Cold Lonely, Windy, Rainswept, Isolated Islets and Rocks! A Foretaste of What we'll be Seeing, in ISOLATED WORLD ISLANDS to Come.

New Zealand and it's Wild, Cool, Clean, Fresh Unspoiled Great Outdoors!, In Short, -I Like and Love It! It's my Kind of Place! -Cool Wild Place!

And so How would One Best Go About Survival Down Here?! -In This the *Other* Down Under? If you either Wanted To!, or Circumstance Had It that you Had To!, -Try your Hand at Survival Down Here!, -How would it Be?! How would you Go About Doing It?

Well First Off, You're in a Cool, Temperate, Often Mild, Mountainous and Forested Area of the World. You're on One of Two rather Large Islands. Each of which so has some Elements of Continentality. You're in a sort of Mid-Zone, between "Islandness", and Continentality. With Highly Fertile Lowland Soil!, once you get out of it's Many Mountains. Volcanic Mountainsides too, shud be Quite Fertile. Volcanic Soil is Like That! You have Few Other People Present, in this Low Population Base! The Land is Wild, Rural, and Unspoiled and Undeveloped! Seacoasts and All that They Provide for Survival!, are Never All that Far Off! It's Many Geothermal Resources can be Put to Good Use as well!

So New Zealand Survival Revolves Around that of the Forests, Mountains, and Seacoasts! Along with a Healthy Assist from New Zealand's Many Pastures and Grasslands, in a Form of Grasslands Survival.

Richly Agricultural in the Lowlands, You as a Survivor can also Avail Yourself of Food Resources that Way! As well as by Garden Style or Greater, Growing some of your Own!

Food is Plentiful and Readily Available! As is Fresh Water! Fire and Shelter Materials are as Well!

Being a Predominantly Cool Area as It is, Temperatures Often Don't get Heavily Cold, -Excepting High Altitudes and Mountains!, and some of the Southernmost Reaches. You Must Still be Prepared and Fully Dressed for Any Cold Contingency!, However! New Zealand is Not the Tropics!, It is in Fact Well Outside of Such! It's Maori Natives are Polynesian, Yes! But This is No Longer Tropical Polynesia! You're Now a Little Too Close to Antarctica!, for That! Though Cool, the Cold is Not to be just Pooh Poohed, Papered Over, or Otherwise Passed Off!, -Down Here! Be Mindful and Aware of any Cold Possibilities!

Be Able to Stay Warm and Dry!, and So Protect yourself from the Rain! It's Not Nearly as Rainy as say Ireland! But Rain is Far from Unknown here!

Keep in Mind that you are in the *Southern* Hemisphere! And that Seasons and so Many Other Things, are Reversed from What we're Used to Knowing in the North.

New Zealand is Technically Four Seasoned, but in this Milder, Cooler Climate and Conditions, Divisions are Not so Pronounced or Sharp, as in many places else!

Compass Directions too are Reversed! Though you are Far Enuf Away from Antarctica and it's South Geomagnetic Pole, that your Compass shud be Perfectly Reliable, with No "Near Geo-Pole", of Foulups! You Must Get Used to the *New* Pole and Direction, that you will be Operating By!

Volcanic, Earthquake, Tsunami, and Hot Spring Survival Matters are a Rather High Ranking Must!, once again!

Sea and Aircraft Signaling could be Quite Important, too!

Avail Yourself of the Rich River, Lake, Forest, and Other Outdoor Resources!

If Not Already At or Near the Shore, -Work Down from the More Central Mountains and Streams, to the Coasts! Nowhere in New Zealand are you Very Far from such Rich Coastal Food Sources! Much Fish, Seabirds, and Other Sea Life, will be there! Perhaps even Larger Game such as Seals or Large Turtles, in Places. And It could Well Be your Key to Being Located, Extrication, and Rescue, too! Here at the Shore! Follow Inland Streams to Such. There will in all Liklihood be some Rocks, Rapids, and the Like, to Have to Deal With, in Doing So!

Get an Idea of Which Coast you Want to Go Towards, the Eastern or the Western, on whichever Island you happen to be on. And Whether you then Want to Track, either North or South! As a General Rule in New Zealand Inland to Coastal Travel, -It's First East - West, then North - South, if Need Be.

Work to Where some Cities, Towns, Ranches, or Settlements are!

You may be On Your Own for Awhile!, in the World of New Zealand Survival! But Once you Do Reach some of New Zealand's Established and Settled Population, You shud be in Good Hands! And your Survival Concerns shud Begin Being Over! New Zealand SAR and Such is Good to Great! Perhaps Small!, But Helpful and Quality what there is! Get Yourself to the Coast and Developed!, and Thereby Get Out!

New Zealand Survival can be Hard and Harsh! As in Many an Anywhere! But in Many General Respects, It's Not *as* Hard or Harsh!, as in say the Real Siberian, Saharan, or Antarctic Parts of the World! But Don't be Too Lulled by that either! Prepare Yourself Well!, for New Zealand Down Under Survival!

And Besides, -You just Might Want to Stay! As either a Survivor or Non Survivor Resident!

New Zealand and Kiwi Survival! Another One of Earth's Many Great!, and Remaining!, -Wild Places! [color:"black"] [/color] [email]ScottRezaLogan[/email]

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