MOUNT WASHINGTON, NH, -Being Such an Infamously Known Cold Area as it is!, I'm Covering Mt. Washington here, though I'd Normally Address it under "Earth's Wildest Places,-MOUNTAINS". This is a Killer Peak!, if you Havn't yet Well Heard Already!

This is the Highest Peak in the NE U.S., -Coming in at 6,288 Feet ASL . Its of course in the Presidential Range of the White Mountains of New Hampshire, the Pride and Hallmark of Such! It's Quite World Renowned and Famous! -Notoriously Famous!, as we Shall See!

(Though Not the Highest in the Appalachians or Entire Eastern U.S.. That Honor Belongs to Mt. Mitchell, NC, at 6,684 Feet ASL.)

This Peak is Only so Well and Notoriously Known!, -For it's Utter Cold ! It's Deep Winter Freeze! It's Capriciously Atrocious Foul Weather! And it's Hurricane Force or Greater of Winds! And Winter Winds at That! -Talk About Wind Chill !!! Put Those All Together!, in One Time, Place, or Outing! Thats Mount Washington for you!!

It's Record Cold comes in at Negative 47 Degrees Fahrenheit!, on Jan. 29, 1934.

It's a Rather High, Roundish Mountain, which Reaches up into some of the Faster, More Upper Level Winds. The Good Mid Level Upper Winds. And it Stands Alone! There's the Northeastern Corridor of the Jet Stream further Above too. -One of the Two Such Worst Areas of the World for This!, the Other being Japan.

It so Catches and Funnels these reasonably High, Fast Winds, around it's Bare and Bald Obstruction. It so Accelerates these Winds to Hurricane Force or Greater! You have Absolutely No Shelter from This!, if Caught Out in the Open! And Winter Winds once again!, Not Summer Ones! The Highest Winds ever Recorded in the USA, and perhaps even on the Planet!, Have Been Recorded at Mount Washington! They've been Measured at 231 Miles per Hour!, on Jan. 29, 1934. Which is also the Same Date of it's Record Low.

There could be some Altitude Effects too, particularly for Unaccustomed, Unacclimated, Lowlanders.

Even in Summer or Other Warmer Times of the year, This Mountain can be a Killer! The Higher you Go, the Colder it Gets! The Capricious, Atrocious Weather, -Can Turn on a Dime at Any Time! And so Often for the Worse! Higher Up, even in Summer, You can be in for some Very Wintry Winds and Temperatures!

It's a Killer Mountain once again! Like a Moth to a Lovely Flame, Many a Hiker's been so Lured! Only to be "Burned" by this Mount! Like Cape Hatteras NC is the Graveyard of Many an Atlantic Ship, This Mount has Been such to Many a Hiker and Climber! Mt Washington takes the Prize!, for This, here in the Northeast! Be Aware and Beware!, Shud yoe ever Decide to Make Acquaintence with Mt. Washington, NH ! Or if Circumstance shud ever Find you there! You've Got to Really Know What you're Doing!, if you Ever Plan to be Meeting Up with Mount Washington! You've Got to Know the Mountain!

Ask Anyone Who's Been There!, and Has Personally, Firsthand, Seen and Experienced it's Wrath! Just Ask Somebody who so Knows!

Many People who Have Come to Know!, -Have Not Lived to Warn and Tell you about It! Don't Ever Become One of Them Yourself!

A Very Dangerous Killer Mountain! This is Quite Commonly Known Societal Knowledge. Its Quite Common Knowledge here in our Mountaineering, Hiking, Outdoors, and Survival Communities.

I've come across a Good Post or Two on this Mount here on our Fora, from Someone who Lives in the Vicinity, and is Well Familiar and Experienced with It! The Place is Only World Famous for Such!

Deeply Below Zero Temperatures! Hurricane Force Winds that go with That!, Along with their Accompanying Wind Chill! The Altitude! Blizzards, Deep Snow, and Massive Icing Over! "Turn in a Moment!" Atrocious Weather! Caught Out in the Open!, -*This* Sort of an Open! This and More!, -That is Mount Washington for you! The Place is again Only World Famous for Such!

I'm a Little Rusty on my Mt. Washington, but This is Very Much and Essentially It! I Didn't Used to be so Rusty. This!, is the Very Cold and Super Windswept!, Mount Washington sort of Wild Place COLD!

Once again, if Ever There!, -Be Aware and Beware!

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