Thanks guys

Yesterday, I found one of my kids leftover school bags. It is a beaten up messenger bag that looks used on the outside but seems to be OK in the inside. So, I want to transfer the contents of my GHB ( usually in the trunk of my car ) to this bag. It is of the right size and have lots of pockets outside and in.

Colors of this bag are navy blue in general, with writing and stars in dull silver. It is all OK, except for a red part in the front. Its area is about 2-3 in x 7 inches, and it is not straight. Sort of like a hawk's beak.

Is there anyway I can hide this red thing, making the bag look even more "un-attractive" and "un-interesting" ???

I am thinking of duct tape or black gorilla tape, but this red thing is not straight. Maybe I should take the time to cut the black tape to exact size and shape, but I thought maybe you guys have better ideas.