1975-77 ?? This explains the oooold nature of the show. So, then , I will skip to season 2 which seems to be seaon 1 of the modern version.

One point - irony - caught my attention although it maybe very insignificant to others here in the forum, and to this thread.

In episode 1 or 2 of survivors, most people have died and only a few survivors are left with all the stores open for them to take whatever they wanted.. One guy goes in a Rolls Royce showroom and drives off in a shopping spree. Funny thing is that in Britian where gas is very expensive, he took a new car and started driving around. In my country you will expect to get a new car with a FULL gas tank, however I always got a new car with less than half a liter of gas !!!! In 1979, I bought my first new car , drove it to the nearest gas station, and we had to push it the last 10 meters of the trip.

This year (2011), I bought a new car and had to ask my son to drive the other car ahead of me to make sure there is no obstacles to the gas station. I was driving the brand new car on gas fumes !!! So, I didn't envy that guy for driving a Rolls Royce, but rather for getting a new car and it has some gas in the tank !!!

Sorry for the subject detour , but I couldn't help notice that point.