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I received an email from a company promoting a self-powered forced air wood burning camp stove. Seems an interesting alternative to liguid or gas stoves. I wonder though how it would be viewed in wilderness areas where open campfires are prohibited.

Be interested in the camping stove experts' opinion on this one.

I spotted the Biolite stove a couple of years ago. At the time they were talking about coming out in 2010. Looks like 2010 has become 2012, but maybe that's a good thing. The problem, or so I am told, with thermoelectric generators (TEG's) is that they're a bit frail. The question I've heard asked is "how will they hold up out on the trail?" Hopefully, with two years now of additional development, they've got the bugs out. It certainly is an interesting idea, although as noted, with limited application in areas with fire restrictions.

Wood stoves seem to be really popular on the US East Coast.

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