I don't mind showing and discussing stuff , but within a narrow scope:

1 - The person should be someone who shows geniuoine interest and shows respect for this stuff. Only one colleague qualifies, and we have exchanged gifts of that nature ( flashlights, multuitools ..etc. ). The rest , well, I prefer they do not know what I have.

2 - The time and circumstances should be right for discussing this stuff. It is one thing to talk about favorite type of multitool in the lunch break, and it is another thing to explore the contents of my bag while I am rushing to finish an urgent job.

People don't mean any harm, but they sometimes behave "too friendly" and assuming that you do not mind.

Judging behavior of your friends in different situations ( like going out in the field or bsuiness trips) can give a good idea who is who. Some of them unfortunately will explore stuff just to make a joke about it.

So, back to camo.

Sometimes, had to leave my cell phone charging on the desk and go to do other jobs. There too, I utilized the grey/black color combo to "hide it", almost in plain sight, by placing it among computer speakers and other miscellaneous gadgets and books. The charger wire was also extended along with mouse cable , etc.


Same virus that hit other socities is creeping here too.
We are slowly becoming like the U.S. , where "rights" of criminals are important than rights of the victims. I look back at the past with some sadness and wish harsher laws are brought back.

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In one site I read something about prepper items that do not necessaily look like prepper items. For example, they had candle lanterns in the living room. They were decorative and would if someone noticed them, they would admire their beauty. However, in a power failure, they are there as candle lanterns.