I have the feeling that old, cheap. worn bags in subdued colors get less attention than tactical bags or bags with actual camo patterns. Arney's idea of using shopping bags is what I'm talking about. I sometimes drape a tarp or blanket over stuff. Actually, I keep a blanket in my car (a part of my kit), and I put it over the car kit. This is not to stop the curious from asking questions, but just to stop any would-be thieves from figuring out whether I have anything worth stealing.

Since we love our equipment so much, we want the right bag with plenty of pockets for our stuff. That will probably attract attention. My car kit bag, for example, is a nice one with a good strap, sensibly arranged pockets, etc.

I also agree that in many cases, we can turn encounters with non-preppers into an educational experience. No need to be embarrassed or secretive. Most people will get bored fast and can't wait for us to shut up about our little hobby.