I take a modular approach - I have "the basics" in a couple of duffel bags and I have a "winter kit" that I keep separate from the basics set, the logic being I'll only need it in the winter anyway. The tent is with the "basics" and it's NOT a 4-season tent, but I wish it were (can't afford one!)

Now the eternal question is - of course - how to CARRY all that stuff! There's no denying winter gear is big, heavy and a complete pain to haul about, and there's also the reality that in the majority of all possible scenarios you'll be driving to a shelter or stuck in your vehicle, which leads nicely to keeping your "winter additions" in the car, which is what we do.

Of course, If you end up trudging through miles of snow like a refugee, well, yeah, your heart is going to explode from the stress carrying all the doo-dads and gadgets we equipped folks think we "need" to survive, unless you have a sled (for the snow) and/or a wheelbarrow to haul your kids AND stuff.

For me, the BOB has been reduced to two duffels, one small backpack and a plastic bucket.