This question probably relates more to those living in a 3 or 4 season area, but I stand to be corrected.

As part of my BOB I have invested in a 4 season tent with all the trimmings. That with the rest of my equipment fills a 65L rucksack, and I still wish I had room for more. God forbid if I ever did have to bug out, I think the sheer weight and stress of carrying it any distance would kill me long before the "rampaging Hoards" or any "Dirty bomb" could - which got me thinking....

1/ I don't/shouldn't need the tent for at least 2 seasons out of 4, do I then put together 2 BOBs , one for the summer and one for the winter? I would save a lot of weight by not taking the tent. Would a couple of strong Tarps, extra clothing and more food be a more sensible use of the space in my BOB? It would also mean that one BOB suits all seasons.

2/ Assuming I come to the conclusion the tent is indespensible. Do you store the tent inside your rucksack or strap it on the outside and hope the rain doesn't soak it completly?

There are a number of solutions to my problem:
a/ I could find another means of transport bar my legs, and hope the Gestapo let me out of town
b/ Split my BOB into two parts where a bag of "extras" could be fitted in where the tent was.A layered approach to a seasonal problem. I would also have to pack the tent so it would have a quick release mechanism....! The downside of this is my BOB is never ready just to pick up and go with.
c/ Start saving (or maybe dreaming) and buy my self a bunker in the country, and store some gear there.

Has anyone thought this through and come to any sensible solutions?
Planning for disaster isn't easy...