Re: the warehouse.

If they just aren't locking the doors (as opposed to not closing them), why not ask (insist) on having automatic locks installed on those doors? Then they would lock every time the door closes. If they complain that they keep locking themselves out and have to use their keys, just tell them: 'Tough luck -- you refused to lock the doors when it was easy for you, so now you have to do it the hard way".

And if they block the doors open and then go home, have their supervisor/foreman's phone number, call him and ask him to come back and close the doors. After a few trips, I'll bet he will train them to close the doors.

Or, install a bar to lock the door to the warehouse from the office side, and if they leave the warehouse door open and stuff gets stolen, I'll bet the company will have a word with them.

Granted, men aren't as easy to train as brain-damaged cats, but over the long term, it's generally worth the effort. Well, mostly.