I've been thinking a lot about security lately. I work in a small office (single story, 4 individual offices, (one seperated from the central office by a glass wall), one central office with 4 work stations, 1 kitchen and 2 single washrooms. The front of the office is all glass and has one single door, with access to the first, usually empty office, and blocked by a halfdoor and half wall from the rest of the office. At the back of the office is a single door which leads to our warehouse, which has one regular door and one bay door. Walking from the warehouse, you pass the two usually empty offices, the kitchen and then the FT, glass-walled office, and then the central office.

We have 25 male technicians who come and go through the day, 2 part-time (days) office workers, 1 part-time (afternoons until 6pm) female officemworker, and 2 of us (females) who work full time.

We women are often work either in pairs of alone. We lock the front door as the last guy leaves but the guys keep leaving the warehouse doors unlocked. Though I believe the risk of anything happening is low, even going back to check and lock it is a risk. Reminding them as they leave hasn't helped.

I've got an 0ffice Bug-in kit and a GHB. I keep my EDC purse and key ring within reach. The phone for the alarm system is in the glassed in office and I've stated insisting that anyone who's alone keep it at their desk.

I double-check the door as the last guy leaves, I EDC my leatherman on my belt, a bic in my pocket. I have a SS letter opener on my desk, along with an assortment of pens and a stapler, and I keep a heavy metal bar, about 2 feet long and 2" (female measured) and lg pry bar at my feet. I also keep an can of air freshener on my desk. There's usually a hot coffee there too.

*A gun is not an option.
*I don't know the laws re: mace and the "sprayed myself in the face with bear spray" story in another thread today makes me leary. (Though us girls did discuss it today.)

As an experiment, we told the guys today that a salesman entered the office through the warehouse tonight after they all left.

So, short of finding another place to work, what else can we do to keep ouselves safe from a security perspective?

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