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This thread has covered women who are pregnant and those are not pregnant. How about elderly folks? An older woman has no monthly cycle and no pregnancy concerns. Still, I feel an older woman should think of special issues more than an older man would prepare for ?
Maybe osteoporosis comes to mind.

Osteoporosis is not confined to older women or men, although women are more susceptible to it. My SO has had mild Osteoporosis for a few years now and she is only in her early 40's. With proper meds (does not need to be taken daily, only as needed) and most importantly, proper diet and fitness, it is controllable at this stage and rarely bothers her. As she gets older, the Osteoporosis may not get any get worse and she and others can still enjoy full and active lives. On the other-hand, Osteoporosis can strike to the point of chronic pain 24/7, be extremely debilitating and greatly affect a person's way of life. In these severe cases, it would very difficult to be prepared in any type of large scale urban or wilderness survival situation where medical attention is not forthcoming in reasonable time.

In terms of some specific prep items:

1) OTC drugs: Ibuprofen, Tylenol Arthritis, Aspirin etc.

2)Topical creams such as Capzasin, Zostrix, and Aspercreme.

3) Prescription drugs: Many to choose from such as Celebrex, Arthrotec, Viox, Arava plus many more. Consult with your Doctor.

4) Heating pads, hot water bottles, ice packs. All work to some varying degree for temporary relief depending on the person.

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