The advantage with tampons is space -- they take up a LOT less space than pads. BUT you have to have clean hands, and it's better to just use them during the day and use pads at night. It isn't recommended to use them 24 hrs a day.

Also, the number of tampon-related toxic shock incidents dropped dramatically once tampons made from polyester foam and cellulose were taken off the market.

Having enough water is more crucial than just having enough to drink, so you need to plan ahead. I know many guys aren't awfully concerned with soap-induced cleanliness, as quite a few here at ETS have pointed out the ways of circumventing it.

But in longer-term survival situations, esp, you simply can't overlook the need for soap and water. Shortcuts in this area lead to health problems you don't need.

Another issue for women is abdominal pain during periods. Have enough OTC pain meds to allow for this.